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Using Automation Genlogin Tool to do the tasks of LEND Safety Airdrop
As I mentioned in the previous posts, the LEND Finance program consists of 8 parts. Players must complete 8 parts to be able to receive 8 NFT badges to be able to participate in the exclusive gift program. In today's article, I will introduce to everyone part 3: LEND Ecosystem Safety, and give everyone a free tool, to help users to do Airdrop tasks automatically.

Introducing LEND Ecosystem Safety:

LEND is a new coin that has been launched in recent times. But the LEND has attracted a lot of monitoring and interest from everyone. LEND Finance has launched the Airdrop Learn to Lend program with 8 parts with attractive gifts, LEND Ecosystem Safety is the third part. In this part 3, we will better understand the reasons why it is necessary to be safe when joining LEND Finance.

Summary of the rules:

Subject: 03 - LEND System Safety Award: Badge 1 NFT is provided by Galxe Access to: GALXE to get the form link to complete. Players must collect all the badges (8/8) in the #LearntoLEND Collection to earn #Learntolend Master NFT & participate in exclusive NFT gifts, AirDrops!

Useful resources:

The Gitbook below not only introduces players to the most basic information of the LEND, but also provides important information for players in the participation process.
  1. LEND Ecosystem Safety – Gitbook Page
  2. How does Lending work

Steps to complete the Lend Ecosystem Safety:

Step 1: Read the gitbook LEND Finance at ✅ LEND Official Gitbook for more useful information when participating in the program. Step 2: Answer the questions in the test based on the information included in the gitbook and achieve 90/90 points. Step 3: Wait for the system to update and complete within 1-2 days Step 4: After reaching 90 points, the player will be cast NFT badge. Step 5: Visit the link: https://galxe.com/lend/campaign/GCS21UWS2D to complete the rest of the LEND Ecosystem Safety program and collect 8 NFT badges. Complete the following link to start #learntolend and start your journey to LEND Finance: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1faipqlsduw_ynkvuggukskkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkup_1mc7z1oidqwabc8jgmln9jgmln9ug/viewformm/viewformum

Using Automation Genlogin to do the tasks of LEND Ecosystem Safety.

It seems that we are all no strangers to this program through the articles that Genlogin introduced to everyone last week. When participating in the Ecosystem Safety, players will have to read the program's gitbook and memorize information to overcome the questions that the program proposed. But when using Genlogin's Automation tool, people will have to say goodbye to that manual way. Genlogin's Tool Automation can fully remember all the information to complete the test with the maximum score, helping players complete the tasks automatically and effectively. Tool Automation Genlogin with automation feature, can help users do the AirDrop tasks automatically and complete the rafters easily with just a few simple steps. For the LEND Ecosystem Safety program, we just need: Step 1: Prepare a txt file for metamask wallets Step 2: Replace the link in the read file into the file link in Step 1 Step 3: Run the script and wait for the results Below are script and demo video so that everyone can better understand how Automation Genlogin works: Script: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VNV7K0MNHB_Lzrutrw4CPD4GMDGGBBBLBLY/View ?ush=sharing Video: To make the steps on the video, the first step is that people have to own a Genlogin Automation tool. Visit the Genlogin link to download Genogin immediately. Step 2: Need to prepare addresses for Metamask to put in a file like this: Step 3: Change the Readfile link and run. If you are feeling too tired of having to manipulate too many times, try Genlogin tool, certainly will not disappoint you. So what are you waiting for without downloading Genlogin right away to complete the task as quickly as possible, most accurately and smartest. Download GenLogin now to use for free!

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