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Using Automation Genlogin Tool to do the tasks of LEND Defi Airdrop
Let's learn more about the LEND ecosystem and the benefits of using the Automation Genlogin tool in the discovery of LEND Finance!

Introduction to LEND Defi:

LEND Finance is a wonderful land waiting for people to explore and find out the attractive rewards. In particular, typical campaign #LearnToLEND! The #LearnToLEND campaign is an educational program designed for new and old members in the community to learn later on LEND Finance ecosystem. Let's answer simple puzzles and make great rewards!

Summary of the rules:

Subject: 01 - Introduction to the LEND ecosystem Reward: 1 NFT badge provided by Galxe Access to: GALXE  - (This process may take a little time because of the need to take photos quickly) Players must collect all NFT (August 8) in the #Learntolend Collection to win #Learntolend Master NFT & participate in exclusive AirDrops for NFT owners, etc.! Read the program's gitbook, it will help a lot for players in the participation process: ✅ LEND Official Gitbook

Useful resources:

This is the useful resources section for this #LearnToLEND topic! These are sections of our Gitbook & other resources we think will provide you with all the information you need to ace the quiz and claim your NFT!

How to take part:

1️⃣ Read the LEND Finance gitbook 2️⃣ Answer this simple quiz & score 100% 3️⃣ Wait for snapshot to complete (1-2 days) 4️⃣ Mint the NFT badge for this section 5️⃣ Complete all other #LearnToLEND quizzesRead the #LearnToLEND campaign details: ✅ #LearnToLEND Campaign Page
Complete this form to start to #LearnToLEND & begin your journey into the LEND Finance ecosystem.

Using Automation Genlogin to do the LEND DEFI task.

It seems that we are all no strangers to this program through the article that Genlogin introduced to everyone last week. The usage of Automation Genlogin to do the LEND Defi duty is a necessity and should have each participant. Players can save time, effort and above all, hold the victory up to 90%. Tool Automation Genlogin with automation feature, can help users to do the AirDrop task automatically and complete the rafters easily with just a few simple steps. For the LEND Defi program, we just need: Step 1: Prepare a txt file for metamask wallets Step 2: Replace the link in the read file into the file link in Step 1 Step 3: Run the script and wait for the results Below are script and demo video so that everyone can better understand how Automation Genlogin works: Script: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lbu7kru3lq7rjipsdeieicpptgsiurpt/View ?USP=sharing Video:   As I introduced above, with only 4 simple operations, you can proactively install yourself a script to automate the task. Genlogin Automation Tool can fully accompany and is a turning point in your investment. If you are feeling too tired about having to manipulate too many times, try Genlogin, certainly will not disappoint you. So what are you waiting for without downloading Genlogin right away to complete the task as quickly as possible, most accurate and smartest. Download Genlogin now to use for free!

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