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Residential Proxy and Datacenter Proxy, which is better?

What is Residential Proxy?

Residential Proxy is an intermediary server between you and the website which you are trying to access. Residential Proxy is the proxy created from the residential IP address system, households living in residential areas and completely separates from the Datacenter, creating a variety of locations, not gathered at a certain point.
Each Residential IP is a mobile device or desktop (PC) that can determine a certain actual position. Therefore, every time you connect to the network environment, you will always have to provide information on browser options, cookies and use your real IP address to access a certain internet domain. This information will help you to certify the website you are visiting that you are a real user, have a clear positioning position on the map, have browser and cookies and clear access history. This makes the biggest difference between Residential Proxy and Datacenter Proxy.

What is Datacenter Proxy?

Datacenter Proxy is a proxy that is placed in an extended data center and is used on worldwide connections. The Datacenter Proxy is characterized by only a certain position if you look on the IP address distribution map. It means that there may be a lot of IP with the same actual address on the map.
For profiles, the Datacenter Proxy is not attached to the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or your Internet connection in any form. The Datacenter IP is owned and operated by large businesses such as Azure Cloud, Digital Ocean, AWS.

Comparision of the advantages and disadvantages between Residential Proxy and Datacenter Proxy:

Residential Proxy and Datacenter Proxy are two popular types of proxy. Each type of proxy has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Evaluation criteria
Proxy Residential
Proxy Datacenter
High price
Low price
Network speed
A few
A huge number
Safety, high reliability
Unsafe, low reliability

Why is Resident Proxy better than Datacenter Proxy?

We all know that Residential Proxy is provided by Internet service providers. When using Residential proxy, your computer is directly connected to that IP home address, so your location when using that computer will be hidden.
But the Datacenter Proxy does not, you will have to buy Datacenter Proxy in large quantities because the Datacenter Proxy is from third parties rather than coming from Internet service providers. Each proxy will have its own IP address, but the address will have nothing to do with the Internet service providers. Whenever you connect to a Datacenter proxy, it will hide your identity by giving you a new IP address.
That is why Residential Proxy is more commonly used than the Datacenter Proxy.
This article introduces about the advantages and disadvantages of two types of proxy. Currently, there are many suppliers simultaneously for both Residential Proxy and Datacenter Proxy. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. Choose the appropriate Proxy package that you need!

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