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Is Storm Proxies good? How to use Storm Proxy on Genlogin [Strategic Partner]
Are you uncertain which type of proxy to choose that is suitable and has high security?
Do you want to sign up for an unlimited proxy package that is highly rated and fully licensed but at the lowest possible price?
Then you can open the door and look for Storm Proxies.

1. What is Storm Proxies?

Storm Proxies is a reliable proxy provider with exceptional prices.
Storm Proxies has been operating for almost three years, first entering the proxy industry in 2016. Although a newcomer in the proxy field, Storm Proxies has created a suitable position for itself and is recognized as one of the best service providers among the companies in the same industry.
Storm Proxies' proxies are rated relatively fast compared to ordinary proxies. Especially they are incredibly cheap and budget-friendly.

2. How Storm Proxies provides proxy services?

In recent years, Storm Proxies has developed into a professional proxy provider that can meet a wide range of customer requirements.
Storm Proxies mainly provides two types: dedicated proxies and rotating proxies. Their dedicated proxy servers are similar to private servers that provide a static and fixed IP address. The rotating proxies change the IP address on demand or within a specific time frame.
Datacenter IP addresses are used. With this type of proxy, you have access to more than 70,000 shared data center IP addresses. The other type uses IPs for residential customers.

3. Features of Storm Proxies

Proxy browser extension

To manage proxy setup faster, you can install a proxy plugin or browser extension

IP source

Depending on the package, Storm Proxies provides both datacenter IP addresses and residential IP addresses: Private Proxy: Datacenter IP addresses. Backconnect Rotary Proxy: A combination of datacenter and residential IP addresses. Residential Proxy: Purely residential IP addresses for personal use

Rotating IP

The Backconnect Rotary Proxy and Residential IP addresses are rotated every 3 to 5 minutes or 15 minutes. Each port is assigned a new IP address. Additionally, custom rotation of dedicated proxies can also be achieved by using specific proxy applications or browser extensions, as explained here

IP Alternating

The IP address for private proxies can be changed twice a month. The backconnect rotary proxies and private proxies automatically assign IP addresses from a pool of several thousand IP addresses, so there's no need or option to change or exchange IPs


Authentication is based on IP (for most proxy packages) or user/step authentication for private proxies. Each package comes with an access IP address. This means that you can use each package from a maximum of one computer.

Speed and efficiency

Storm Proxies guarantees the speed of the servers always being in the best state. Users will not be plagued by disconnection or slow connection speed.

4. Pricing

Dedicated rotary Proxies
Residential Rotary Proxies
Ticketmaster & Ticket site proxy
Dedicated proxy
Ticketmaster & Tickets Sites Proxy (dedicated):
Proxy Instagram, Proxy Facebook, Proxy Twitter và Tumblr. , Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat, Pokemon Go, or Craigslist.
The above is the price tables of each type of proxy. We can all see that Storm Proxies are very diverse in terms of proxy packages and their prices of them are extremely suitable for every budget. You can refer to and choose a suitable proxy package for your work. Currently, Storm Proxy is offering a 5% discount when making a purchase.

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