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Introduction to proxy Iproyal [Strategic partner]

1. Overview of Iproyal

1.1 Introduction

IProyal is a proxy supplier from the United Arab Emirates, specializing in different types of proxies with a total volume of up to 2,849,053 IP addresses in different multinationals.

1.2 Ipoyal proxy types

+ Residential proxy: You can choose to keep the Proxy fixed (maximum living within 24 hours) or rotating proxy to be able to work according to your needs.
+ Proxy Data Center: Specialized to collect data, check the Serp search keyword rankings from all countries.
+ Proxy super speed (proxy sneaker): With extremely fast access speed helps you hunt rare items, different limited product versions.
+ Proxy 4G: Helps significantly reducing all risks of being blocked thanks to high reliability IP addresses from genuine mobile networks.

1.3 Top proxy types by area

We can see that most of the proxy of iProyal focuses on the American and European markets. If you need the proxy volume of the European and American markets, you can use Iproyal.

1.4 Strengths of proxy iproyal

Proxy from Iproyal is strongly promoted to scratching data, from mineral data, SERP data or brand information tracking.

1.5 Price list

With the price range from 0.8 to 2.5 for proxy services, this is almost the cheapest price on the current market.

2. 10% discount when buying proxies from Iproyal with Genlogin.

The price of Iproyal is cheaper, you will get a 10% discount when using the code GENLOGIN10. Please visit the website IPROYAL to find out more information and purchase!
IProyal is a strategic partner of Genlogin in the field of proxy. They are a reliable proxy supplier for data collection and data scratching. If your need is to use a proxy to scratch data, collect information data for analysis, select Iproyal immediately

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