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Introduction to ACE Proxies [Strategic Partner]
ACE Proxies is a proxy supplier towards security and safety for customers. Let's learn about ACE Proxies to better understand their services in this article. Besides, you will also receive a 20% discount code from Genlogin when buying proxies from ACE Proxies.

1. Overview of ACE Proxies

1.1 Introduction

ACE Proxies is one of the most reliable proxy suppliers. They are the leading supplier of Socks5 Proxy with high and reliable hidden as well as specialized proxies. ACE Proxies offers a service that is very focused on information security for customers

1.2 Proxy types of ACE Proxies

Private Proxy: Your IP specialist will be completely hidden from people and websites may want to locate your geography and collect your information.
Residential Proxy: Residential proxy can meet all your needs.
Sneaker Proxy: can help you easily overcome the ban on shoe websites.
Gaming Proxy: Helps you enjoy all types of games and games online without interruption.
Ticketing Proxy: Proxy specializes in accessing tickets for prominent, famous events, making it easy to own the tickets you want.
SEO Proxy: The perfect proxy form is for deploying SEO projects and monitoring SERP keyword rankings.
Social Media Proxy: Understand customers better through social networking campaigns.

1.3 Outstanding features of ACE Proxies products and services

- Guaranteed 99.8% of the operating time
- No file and image limit
- Professional support up to 5 working days a week
- Allow automatic proxy replacement by month
- High security
- Compatible with all devices
- Unlimited and asymmetric bandwidth + 1 Gbps
- Support HTTP/https/socks!

1.4 Price list

Private Proxy specialized from $ 4.99 to $ 399.99
Static residential proxy from $ 4.99 to $ 499.99
Residential proxy (GB) from $ 17.49 to $ 899.99

2.Buying ACE Proxies with 20% discount:

When buying ACE Proxies, in the payment section, enter the code "GEN20" to be directly reduced by 20% compared to the price on the web. Please visit the ACE Proxies website to find out more information and choose the appropriate proxy!
Currently Ace Proxies and Genlogin are strategic partners on a global scale. Through cooperation with Ace Proxies, Genlogin hopes to bring the source of security, quality for all our customers.

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