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How to use 922 S5 Proxy in genlogin?
922 S5 Proxy and genlogin are used together, the process is very simple. We have the function of the client, the function of extracting IP by User & Password, the function of extracting IP on the Android mobile terminal, and the control of mobile groups. Let's take the use of the client as an example: 1. First you need to register an account on the 922 S5 Proxy website, then download the client and log in. 2. Open the client and select ProxyList. Filter the country/state/city and click "Search" to get a list of IP addresses in the target area. You can also quickly search for the zip code of the target city or the target IP segment. How to use 922 proxy in Genlogin 3. On the ProxyList page, right-click to set the local port. How to use 922 proxy in Genlogin 4. Click "PortForwardList" to copy the local IP address and port. How to use 922 proxy in Genlogin 5. Open the genlogin client. Click Create Profile>Network> select SOCKS5 Proxy in Network> paste the IP address and port copied in the previous step. Click Check Proxy to check whether the IP is valid. How to use 922 proxy in Genlogin 6. Finally, click Create to complete the configuration, and open the genlogin browser window to use it. The official website of 922 S5 Proxy has a detailed introduction of more functions, and you can check the complete information by clicking the official website.

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